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Windows the ruler of all things software

22 Aug

Everyone thinks windows has gone down with it’s mobile department down to 9% and it’s PC sales loosing some quarters to Apple. The don’t realize that it’s just a sleeping giant waiting to wake up in spring. Let’s take a look at the major things they do.

1) Office: still predominantly used in the world today, say about 99%

2) Windows: with the new introduction of windows 7 and it’s engulfing sales figures

3) Xbox 360: most sold gaming console w/kinect and it’s about to do more this fall and holiday season’

Just the three above prove a lot is going on and yet a lot is about to happen. With the introduction of Window phone 7.5 and windows 8. The synergy of the PC, Tablet, Xbox and phone. People will realize that windows is the way to go and here it comes, the sale figures of WP7 will skyrocket and so will the tablet.

Reminder that this is still a speculation but a very good one I might say.