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Windows 8 and why people shouldn’t be confused.

6 Dec

What is Windows RT?

Let’s put the confusion to rest. Are Windows 8 and Windows RT the same OS? In short No. The confusion is the fault of Microsoft for thinking people would automatically understand what the new and best OS is. Let’s step back and talk about what are the types of OSes around today. There is the mobile and the none mobile OS ( this is what I call it). Mobile meaning things like WP8, Blackberry, Android and IOS. All of which can be found on devices like phones and tablets. Now that we have that out of the way how does Windows 8/RT come into play.

I will start with Windows RT and call it the mobile OS for Windows in the sense that you have an App store, it is on an ARM processor, and it can be found on tablets. Now you say what about WP8, I will explain later when I compare the differences between Microsoft and the other companies.

Now with Windows RT you get the best of both worlds where you can run a full functioning Office application on a tablet which no other manufacturer has accomplished yet. Windows has taken the step in the reverse direction as always by moving from none mobile to mobile instead of from mobile to none mobile. What does this mean? Well lets take a look at what a tablet really is. Is it supposed to be a bigger phone OS modified to the bigger screen or a device that gives you the ability to run you none mobile OS application on the go. This is what people as always wanted and this is why some are confused when Windows RT was released because it was expected for Microsoft to bridge the gap between mobile and none mobile and I think they’ve done just that.

Windows RT vs Windows 8

Windows 8 is Windows RT but more robust. I believe if you take the time to analyze Windows strategy you will see that they can’t entirely eliminate the business needs and what people are so used to overnight. People who love their desktop won’t just let go and so Windows 8 is a slow transition to the next level of the OS battle meaning in the near future when the applications both robust and light are all developed using the modern UI. Windows RT is the future OS that will bring the best of both worlds but first companies have to adapt to the modern UI and I’m sure we all know business politics will surely take a toll on the speed at which that happens.

So while we all say Apple has made the perfect OS you will see that they’re going in the same direction by adding IOS applications to OSX and carefully moving OSX to IOS and then both Windows and Apple will become single OSes